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    Delivering Innovation
    An early stage company dreaming up new software ideas?
    We help make your dreams a reality.
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    Critical Thinking and Transparency
    Best Practices in agile software development.
    Guidance in feature prioritization and user stories.
    Analysis to understand your business and customers.
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    We help you Succeed
    Anyone can make prototypes.
    We help you launch the right solution.

We help you Succeed
Experience to help you launch the right solution

Our Approach

Transparency is important to us. Take a look under the covers and see how we work to make you successful.

Want an App for that?

Transforming an innovative idea into shipping software can seem a daunting task -- but it doesn’t need to be.

With your ideas, goals and priorities and our collaboration, building the next great application will be fun, iterative and rewarding.

We're excited to share our knowledge, enthusiasm, best practices and transparent approach.

We work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Early stage innovation

Distilling your great ideas to a lean, minimal viable product (MVP) will show VCs you have a clearly defined value proposition.

We help you refine your idea through ideation sessions, then identify and prioritize features, and help you maintain a backlog of features for future versions.

We produce wireframe designs, user stories and prototypes that can also demonstrate progress to your investors.

Together, we make it work

From day one we work as part of your team.

We introduce modern tools to clarify the who, what, when, where, why and how of every feature we implement, and to provide infrastructure for traceabilty and high quality, repeatable processes.

As your customers' needs become more clear, our agile development methodology helps your team embrace change with confidence.

Hardware integration

Over the past 15 years, we've shipped many products that combine hardware and software to create a fantastic user experience.

From the early engineering samples to the final shipping product, we help ensure quality.

Working closely with engineering teams and product teams we help refine, validate, and test firmware and hardware through a combination of test harnesses, logging / monitoring and event hardware simulators.

Understand your customers

Your customers are going to surprise you!

Capturing the appropriate level of detail and applying proper analysis are key to gaining customer insights.

These insights drive your feature design and prioritization decisions to improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs.

Aggregated usage analysis can help you improve your operational efficiency by ensuring capacity planning aligns with your business growth.

Overcoming growing pains

Are customer demands surpassing your capacity to respond?

As your company grows, you may need new processes or changes to existing processes.

We review your existing systems and workflows, analyze the processes to understand what is working and determine what needs to be addressed.

We recommend the minimum changes needed to get you back on track.

Our Work

We've had the good fortune to work on a wide range of extremely fun, exciting and challenging projects.

Select a category and read about some of the successes we have delivered...

Extreme Sports

We built one of the pioneering apps that leverages on-device accelerometers to measure the “hang time” of extreme sports participants. We added weather and snow-depth reports (covering hundreds of worldwide resorts) to help snowboarders track their powder days.

Concussion Management

No one wants amateur or professional athletes to get injured on the field. We assisted a Seattle startup by designing and building apps to assess potential concussions and monitor return-to-play protocols. The app is used by the medical care teams of colleges and numerous professional sports leagues across the world.

Young Adult Learning

We were asked to make career guidance “hip and fun” for high school kids. A company with a Job-Exploration book series needed a companion app kids could access through their mobile phones. We built the app, repurposed existing content, and introduced an easy-to-use search engine with job-related links to keep the students engaged.

Personal Healthcare

A Fortune 100 company wanted to integrate the use of mobile devices with daily personal healthcare routines. We assisted several ideation sessions, and produced prototypes to help the product team isolate the most advantageous launch functionality. The app communicates with the mobile device using our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol stack.

Business Operations

A successful midsize company offering a Hosted service asked us to review their current operations to identify expansion roadblocks. The company was about to launch two new initiatives that were exhibiting detrimental impact on their existing product line. We provided recommendations to support quality of both the current product line and future expansions.

Consumer Electronics

A well-established consumer electronics company wanted to leverage their extensive remote control patent portfolio and extend consumer reach through mobile devices. We led ideation sessions, organized and prioritized ideas, produced prototypes and shipping products, successfully extending the patent portfolio with a rich product suite.

Home Control

A Home Control and Security company asked us to accelerate their entry into the app market. They already had the ability to control devices over the Internet but needed a website allowing consumers to control devices remotely from multiple properties. We built a working prototype that was the basis for a re-branded site.

Personal Care

A Fortune 500 company wanted to provide a new in-home service to consumers previously only available to commercial stylists. We produced wireframes and visual mockups to support ideation sessions, helping the team think “outside the box”. We incorporated the BLE stack to monitor this new device that communicated with the mobile phone.

Data Center Operations

A medium-sized startup needed to increase the reliability of its data center operations to support rollouts in multiple worldwide data centers. We guided the team through additional procedures, controls and repeatable Best Practices to deliver superior rollouts. This positioned them for acquisition by a Fortune 100 company.

Engineering Process

A medium-sized public company wanted an evaluation of their firmware engineering process to identify barriers to expeditious product rollouts. We documented cross-functional team process flows, producing recommendations that saved time, reduced errors, eliminated reworks, drove increased throughput and decreased costs.

Recruiting Pipeline Management

We recognized small companies’ need to manage their recruiting pipelines in a timely fashion. The site allows companies to effectively interact with recruiters and job applicants while streamlining internal and external communication.

Big Data Insights

We analyzed the impact of data captured by multiple versions of concussion detection biometric devices. We built a prototype dashboard to provide visibility into the frequency and duration of each team’s testing, broken down by sport. The dashboard provides insight into which product versions may need additional testing to verify quality goals.